If you speak multiple languages, this will give you even more scope. So consider how well you’ll be able to compete with other people in a given field, based on your academic background. If you don’t have any prior skills, consider the type of background employers look for when hiring for the job, and the competition you’ll be up against. You don’t necessarily need prior experience or job-related skills to land a virtual job. But any skills or prior knowledge you do have will only help you. Even the top content writers charge 40 cents per word or more if working freelance, or earn a salary at or near six figures if working full-time for a single company.

highest paying jobs remote

Graphic designers also can earn a high average salary, so if you want to specialize only in creating digital graphics but not full website designs, then consider this as another high-paying, remote job option. If you’re a “people person” with more of a business background and/or great communication skills, and you want to earn high pay while working remotely, account management is a strong option to consider. To land an entry-level data science job, you’ll want a bachelor’s degree in computer science or mathematics, or you’ll need to attend a software coding bootcamp with a specialization in data science. Take advantage of the list below, which highlights entry-level roles across in-demand fields, like computer science and data analysis, to find more job titles you can pursue as a remote applicant.


These jobs pay well—higher than the national median annual wage of $45,760 —and are projected to be in demand through 2030, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). You’ll also learn more about the benefits of working from home, and some tips for applying to remote jobs. This top-paying remote job manages IT support and resolves technical issues. A manager-level position will manage tech support employees and provide leadership. Installing hardware and software, staying current on new technology, and providing on-call support are common duties. They offer flexible working opportunities – full time, part-time or contract mode of working.

highest paying jobs remote

But if you’ve been searching for remote jobs and nothing seems to fit, perhaps the answer is to start something yourself. Moreover, the best remote jobs frequently offer flexibility in how and when you complete your hours, making them a more manageable way to work for many people. If you have family obligations or other work that requires some of your time, remote work may be the accommodating alternative you need. Sales positions can also bring in a six-figure salary if you go into business-to-business (B2B) sales.

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So I cannot say enough about how strong digital marketing is as a career choice that can lead to remote job opportunities and high salaries/high demand skills in general. The rise in remote work has created amazing opportunities to earn a high salary while working from home, but not all remote jobs pay well or lead to long-lasting careers. Whether you are looking for full-time or part-time employment, there is likely a remote position out there for you. As you are preparing to enter the job market or switch careers, you might consider obtaining a Professional Certificate to become job-ready for in-demand careers such as project manager and data analyst. Social media managers handle all aspects of a business’s social media account, including posting marketing materials, cultivating an online following, and analyzing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

  • In this position, you’ll generally work for large companies and test bugs in software, make sure every technical aspect is running smoothly, and troubleshoot technical issues.
  • Here, you may find some great employers who are more interested in how you work rather than where you work.
  • Besides they are also entrusted with the responsibilities of creating the product strategy and roadmap for the future.
  • Interpreting probable vulnerabilities in the systems and providing preventive solutions are the mandatory needs for a cybersecurity analyst.

FlexJobs has issued a new report with the 30 best companies for … Save time and find higher-quality jobs than on other sites, guaranteed. Besides they are also entrusted with the responsibilities of creating the product strategy and roadmap for the future. They also assist the marketing department, providing guidelines on the products attractive features and functionalities. You need to possess a sound knowledge of the product and the domain.

How to Make Money Online: 30 Real Ways to Earn Money Online

As a UI/UX designer, your job is to work with clients and analyse their website and sales processes. You’ll then recommend the best solutions to increase customer satisfaction and revenue. A marketplace where current and aspiring remote workers find new job opportunities and up-skill with online courses.

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Job growth data comes from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and represents projected growth from 2020 to 2030 (unless otherwise noted). Medical writers take technical and scientific data from studies and research to write papers, articles, and documents that present the information in a clear manner. Knowledge of medical terms and processes is required, and certification with the American Medical Writers Association can be a bonus. Above are the best jobs from home 2018 offered to remote workers under 100K jobs from home. Disruptions will severely impact the critical business functions, harming the daily activities of a company.

– Technical Support Manager

Take a look at these five tricks for some easy ways to make your remote working experience enjoyable. If you’ve got a way with people and love shopping, an online personal shopper role is one of the remote jobs that would suit you. Working in this role requires you to buy clothing for people, but you don’t have to visit the stores physically. This is a slightly different remote job, as it requires you to work for yourself rather than a company.

Organizations with remote employees have to make sure they’re following the right local and state tax laws where their teams work from. Local labor laws that dictate wage hours and rules, termination, noncompetition, paid leave and more can also vary by location. Looking for work from home jobs or travel-friendly remote jobs? Have you ever been curious about work-from-home jobs or remote jobs that allow you to live anywhere and travel the world? While the concept of taking your career wherever you want to go used to just be a dream, in 2023 it is the new reality. Just like in the case of programming, you can earn a very good living by designing user experiences and helping people interact with products in novel ways.

The list is based the companies that posted the most remote, work-from-anywhere jobs on the FlexJobs site between January 1, 2021, and December 31, 2021. In order to make the list, the companies must offer remote jobs with zero location restrictions and zero time in the office. Topping the list for the second year in a row is Wikimedia Foundation, a San Francisco-based company that operates and supports some of the world’s largest reference projects.

Since you will be working remotely, it is essential to be aware of the latest audio and video conferencing tools and applications. You probably have a great idea of the remote jobs that will suit you and your skill set, but now you’re wondering, “How do I conduct remote job searches? ” Well, there are a lot of sites that feature remote job listings spanning various categories. Teaching English overseas is already a very common job for travelers, but you may not know that teaching also makes the list of remote jobs.

After becoming a software engineering, you can also progress from an individual contributor role into a leadership role, such as software development manager/team lead, while still working remotely. If you have prior work experience but not in the area you are applying, you should highlight the relevant experience you have from https://remotemode.net/blog/15-highest-paying-remote-jobs-you-can-get/ a previous job. For example, if you are applying to be a project assistant, then you might highlight the organizational skills you used as a manager in a restaurant or as a stage manager in a school production. Front-end developers design the visual layout of websites, while back-end developers are responsible for coding them.