Real Estate

Advanced Aerodyne Imaging is an aerial photography and video imaging company serving Southern California. We only use pilots that are fully insured and are licensed by the Federal Aviation Agency under part 107. We carry $1M insurance and up to $5M per request. We work closely with you to ensure we get the media / data that you need.


By using drones to track progress, monitor quality, site inspection, and improve communication you will save money and keep your investors happy.  We work closely with your team to ensure that we capture the data that you need to benefit your project.


Aerial pictures and video really help show off any residential or commercial property.  Our work is sure to take your business to the next level.  Ground based photography is great but aerial photography / videography give your potential buyers a chance to see the neighborhood, home, and land that is associated with the property.


Drone inspections are used in almost every industry.  By using drones you can keep people out of harms way, and let them review the high quality data that we collect in a comfortable environment from anywhere in the world.  Many times temporary structures have to be built to enable a person to actually accomplish the inspection, but with drones this wasteful cost is avoided.  Insurance costs are lessened by not sending personal into dangerous situations to inspect many different assets.

Drone Aerial Panorama of Spitler & Apache Peak