Giorgio and i also appreciated for taking pictures away from tanks hit of the cannons

Maybe not thoughts! I detest thoughts. Preciselywhat are it to have, as determined from the happiness again? Definitely not. Items lived, there it sit. Atmospheres are something else: an odor regarding wood’s sawdust instantaneously evokes the latest sawmills of one’s alpine valleys, the fresh new pinewoods. If you will one seems here. ..

We capture my date learning the fresh new newsprint, i then avoid and begin looking at the things around myself: bookcases, guides, pictures, recollections piled into the bins that we will not open; packets, playthings strewn in the shops clogging the latest usage of guides I you should never proper care of finding, otherwise toward keep as shelved. It will not happens. My personal big screen Desktop include a lives, my life taking pictures: You will find in mind to select them by subject, making digital albums. I am able to certainly take action. There are even the new sketches however, Really don’t find them, privately walls. Their presence is sufficient to continue my personal notice at peace. Sunlight tends to make a square of light to your solid wood flooring you to definitely reverberates temperature regarding room, new windows unlock, new day sky however charming.

Twenty, twenty-24 months this kind of an intimate area plenty during the area, almost unreal, to visit off and you will express, to rise and reflect. Just how much additional time? Not so much, it cannot be, yet I carry it within the trying to exalt sensations you to many years has on aside. You skill for having such as for instance a long life? a female requested me personally if you find yourself awaiting this lady amount: for a task, a destination, a work! nevertheless You will find certain tactics, easily usually do not hurry I can have them to prolong my personal lifestyle.

Such as for instance alternative work can be plus practiced quite late in daily life, however it is shorter rewarding needless to say, one are unable to put themselves too far and in the end makes manage which have sensations, atmospheres

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I understand I am not saying endless, You will find reach become my personal age not long ago however In addition feel I’m eternal, that knows. That knows just who I really try, some remorse resurfaces, is it possible to live with absolutely nothing to feel dissapointed about? I’m able to sit brand new marks pass on back at my awareness.

Late about night, on the windows We comprehend the highway, its almost blank. Some body happens by. A number of windows is actually lighted: didn’t they go on vacation? What exactly are it carrying out still on the, at the time?

And/or smell of the ocean

Fernando Pessoa, The publication off Discomfort, composed from the Bernardo Soares, secretary bookkeeper around from Lisbon. Translated of the Alfred Mac Adam, Real Changes, Boston, 1998

About the attracting from a slipping plane. Once the Alberto grew up in 1927, next occurrences been as he involved ten years old, more or less from inside the 1937, and you may continued. Besano, Lombardia

The beauty of an emergency is interesting, upsetting and glamorous. Certainly not on the sufferers, but also for you its incomparable. Appeal originates from breaking the typical techniques, brightening up the attention by a greatly additional taking place. And another way more will there be -I believe- one thing dug-up away from unconscious or earlier mental habits: undetectable wants of payback, were unsuccessful triumph…

I became interested in catastrophes regarding my personal early ages, these were floating around. In school i gotten fascist and you will army people: we’d to learn about muskets, grenades, anti gas goggles therefore the over army review regarding effortless soldier in order to standard! I happened to be never been in a position to discover they, but in brand new meantime the latest delicate pleasure out-of emergency are crawling into the me personally.

Having Giorgio, who had enough playthings and an excellent electronic show on what he used to continue apples in order to dry, we regularly write railway catastrophes: these were their trains. Had it already been mine – I wanted her or him so much – Really don’t consider I would provides managed them that way. I made up getting my deprivation because of the attracting so much more innocuous moments. Tanks have been the current toys, however, I happened to be lured because of the caterpillar songs, you to provided the option commit almost everywhere, also off-road.