Pure Cremation is actually pleased to serve the whole of England and Wales from the base at Charlton Park Crematorium in Hampshire.

We serve Scotland from your workplace in Hillington, near Glasgow.

We constantly deliver our very own employees to look after each customer, whether that is on our doorstep or several hundred miles out. You’ll be given a sensible period of arrival and all sorts of guidance you need to know that your particular cherished one is during good palms, right from 1st telephone call.

Untended cremations for people which expire in The united kingdomt or Wales needs place at Charlton playground Crematorium. Went to cremations will need place at our thoroughly plumped for spouse venues.

Cremations for consumers exactly who pass away in Scotland usually takes put at Clyde Valley Crematorium.

Just what are your organization several hours?

If you would like organize a cremation now then you can certainly name all of us around the clock 7 days each week from the numbers demonstrated. You will find an internet reservation type should you aren’t ready to talk with united states.

For General Enquiries, membership Enquiries and Pre-paid Arrange information kindly name 9am – 5pm Monday to tuesday or mail info@purecremation.co.uk

Are you able to take control of from another funeral manager?

Yes. We do this very often.

There is the directly to change your brain, regardless of if a local funeral homes has already delivered your beloved within their practices.

Simply tell the funeral manager you want to teach sheer Cremation to dominate. Ask what they’re going to charge when it comes to attention sent up until now (we can add this to your bill maintain points quick individually).

We are going to use the funeral director for an easy and specialist move of attention.

About our very own Direct Cremation Service

What’s the difference between a primary cremation and a traditional funeral?

A direct cremation is actually a valid, appropriate and increasingly popular replacement for a traditional funeral. This kind of send-off sets apart both areas of the funeral – the committal while the ceremony.

SimplicityWe perform the cremation, providing the exact same amount of treatment and esteem just like the greatest regional funeral director, but without having the hassle plus the huge black vehicles.

Low CostOur costs reflects the actual easy character of our solution. You can save 60percent compared to the price of an elementary cremation services from a normal undertaker.

ChoiceWe eliminate the practicalities causing you to be plus families able to decide where, whenever and ways to state so long, and exactly how much you intend to invest. This offers the possibility to create a personal send-off on your own terminology.

What exactly is meant by “unattended”?

9 off 10 immediate cremations are unattended at sheer Cremation, which means that there are not any mourners present for a funeral solution at the crematorium or from the cremation it self. Our very own knowledgeable cremation experts will carry out the process with greatest regard and without anyone current – whether that will be group or company.

Should I attend a cremation if I desire to?

Although there will likely be no services of any kind, some households nevertheless need to show up in the crematorium.

For an extra ?200, to 12 someone can sign up for at our very own new Charlton Park Crematorium for thirty minutes at the same eris app time that best suits you.

Or if you’d like somewhere closer, possible pick a 9am reservation at most convenient of our spots, for up to 12 men and women to has 15-20 moments in chapel.

This fee discusses the cost of added staff some time offering your collection of musical.

Be sure to contact us for specifics of the crematoria we make use of.

What the results are at an attended committal?

In which do the cremation take place?

Is it possible to incorporate my personal local crematorium?

As a primary cremation is generally unattended, the cremation can happen at our very own state-of-the-art establishment, Charlton playground Crematorium, near Andover.

If You attend, to 12 individuals can invest twenty minutes claiming good-bye at the venue, Charlton Park Crematorium, along with your choice of musical – for an extra price of ?200. It is available at a period of time you like, like evenings and vacations.

However, you might also select an attended committal at one of our very carefully opted for spots at a 9am slot just. This might be nearer to you, but we cannot warranty it would be nearby crematorium.

How much time before the cremation was lined up?

We make an effort to book and finalize the cremation within week or two of training, but kindly tell us your unique needs therefore we can offer the best advice and assistance.

We’ll book a cremation date once we have obtained installment, the paperwork and possess your loved one in our care.

We aim to control deliver the ashes within 21 days of the cremation date unless you instruct normally.

Exactly what coffin do you actually render?

We provide a straightforward good pine coffin to every client, thoroughly picked for the resilience, beauty and great eco-credentials. In addition permits as well as dignified running of the cremation chamber and helps supply the cremation techniques itself.

Which coffins are best for cremation?

Would you incorporate cardboard coffins?

We do not incorporate cardboard coffins for a number of explanations. Cardboard leaves a deposit from inside the cremator and will not let supply the cremation techniques in the same way that timber really does. This means that more fuel is needed to execute a cremation entirely negating any green advantages.

Benefit, cardboard coffins are in fact higher priced than wood types, and our coffins are made from material means from FSC qualified woodlands where in fact the trees become sustainably managed.

Do you really re-use the coffin?

Not really. The coffin is just used when and can never be reused for the next client.